Design and Engineering Services

“Gooding Timber and Hardware offer free help with design specifications”. Imagine solving fence, deck and other building problems before they begin. Have you ever thought about designing and building a deck and discovered….
  • There’s some doubt in your mind about how it all comes together?
  • You’re not sure about which building materials to use?
  • You’re not sure how much it should cost, and how to save money?

There’s nothing worse than building something and realising it didn’t turn out the way you wanted it. That can be disappointing or downright frustrating!

If you want to see your finished project built just the way you pictured it, drop into our timber yard at Gooding Timber and Hardware to have a chat about your thoughts and decking questions.

Given a plan or sketch we can design the appropriate bearers and joists with our engineering design software. Design reports are available for clients to submit, with their plans, to their engineer, draughtsperson or building certifier.

There’s no doubt a project is off to a good start when you use our FREE design service, come down and see us, we look forward to talking to you.

Hard to Source Product

Gooding Timber and Hardware are often called on to source rare or hard to find timbers for clients, such as American Oak for a professional specialty cabinet maker, and New Guinea Rosewood for a client who wanted to produce stunning ceiling panels and cabinetry for his new home.

We are also able to provide a commercial decking product in larger sizes and sourced from high durability hardwoods. The wood is treated using an eco-friendly process without all the nasty chemicals, so it is officially approved for use in schools, jetties, walkways, childcare centres, and public amenities etc.

One of our latest projects was to supply this type of eco-friendly treated timber to the Mudgeeraba child care centre with fantastic results.

Delivery Services

At Gooding Timber and Hardware we run a well-stocked timber yard with plenty of room to come down and load up your car, truck or ute.

Occasionally we get asked to help source and provide timber and hardware products far and wide throughout Australia. We even arrange for timber to go by ship to Lady Elliot Island once a year.

Often our customers arrange their own transport of goods to site, however if you need help with transporting your goods or you have particular delivery requirements, talk to us about how we may be able to help arrange transport for your building materials.

Building Tips

  • Plan in Advance

    Any renovation big or small needs planning in advance including a renovation budget. A budget is an essential tool that will give you a clear idea of what you can afford to spend on your building project or home improvement. Keep costs under control by keeping things simple. Choosing standard
    Read More

  • One job at a time

    Break down big jobs into small jobs, your renovation doesn’t have to be completed in one go. If your overall project seems overwhelming either for your lifestyle or your budget just take things one job at a time.

  • Tracking down a Tradie

    It pays to plan carefully for the availability of skilled tradespeople. Many parts of the building industry virtually shut down in January for example, so you could find it hard to track down a tradie.

  • Major renovations take time

    There are some TV programs that make replacing a kitchen or adding an extra bedroom look quick and easy, but don’t fall for that big jobs and major renovations take time and money.

  • Building inspection

    Arrange a building inspection before you start renovating, a professional building inspection will confirm if your home is structurally sound and able to support your planned improvements, particularly if your project involves adding a second storey.

  • Labour costs

    Labour costs are likely to eat up a solid chunk of your renovation budget – usually around 30% of the total expense so shop around for quotes.


  • Is this the right timber?

    Is this the right timber? I wasn't sure if a hardwood gate to my deck was the right way to go. But when I called in to your timber yard on Saturday morning (great you guys are open at the weekend) your advice and service soon put my mind to
    Read More

  • Will my old deck look good?

    Will my old deck look good? Located at Indooroopilly on the Brisbane River, my client's old timber deck needed some real help. I started replacing joists and bearers with high strength (min.F27) high durability class 1 in ground timber. The Goodings boys then suggested new 140 x 25 select grade
    Read More

  • Can you deliver my timber?

    "Hey boys .... I've got a couple of jobs in Gympie and Craigburn. "Can you deliver my timber?" That's the problem I threw at the Gooding Timber yard and sure enough, they came through with flying colours. It's pretty hard to get that type of service anywhere, especially when the
    Read More

  • How do i do it?

    My deck project had some very unusual problems and I wasn't sure if I could get it done. How do i do it? There are just some things you need to ask the experts about. So, that's what I did! The Gooding Brothers took a look, punched in some computer details,
    Read More



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Gooding Timber is one of the best Timber suppliers on the Coast!
Mar 19, 2015
5/5 stars
“Hey boys …. I’ve got a couple of jobs in Gympie and Craigburn. “Can you deliver my timber?” That’s the problem I threw at the Gooding Timber yard and sure enough, they came through with flying colours. It’s pretty hard to get that type of service anywhere, especially when the timber yard is on the Gold Coast and I want my materials up country. They don’t mind a challenge … It’s easy to see why I’ve dealt with them since 1992 for all my timber supplies, AND … there’s no way I’d go anywhere else. Thanks again Goodings, Rob Heather